Allan Gardens!


This is my first post on my first blog.  Welcome and thanks for reading!

This blog is a showcase of my experiences in a new city – Toronto. I moved here a few weeks ago and my original thought was to start this blog on Day 1 of my residence here. However, technology (i.e. one of the big Internet companies) failed me; therefore, THIS is my first entry….Day 26. I have some catching up to do 🙂

I visited Allan Gardens about a week after moving here. I have been there before on previous visits to Toronto (I used to live in Barrie and felt the need to ESCAPE BARRIE every once in a while – haha) but I never become tired of the place.

It’s free (which is always a good thing) and the floral exhibits change with the seasons. They had an autumn display when I went (which included a slightly creepy little girl made of flowers and moss – see photo below) and soon they should be installing the holiday season-themed poinsettias.  It is a great place to go when you need a diversion; it’s a little oasis in the heart of the city. It is also a very WARM place to go on winter days when you might happen to be walking around the cold streets of downtown Toronto.

Stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Allan Gardens!

  1. Welcome to Toronto! Enjoyed reading your post (it reminded me it’s time to get to Allan Gardens for the Christmas display – thank you!!) and thank you for the ping back 🙂

    The Toronto Islands are one my favourite green spaces to the visit in the city, when the weather warms up again!

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