The People Speak Out

I went downtown today to have a look at the Queen St West shops. I got off the subway at Union; an old habit, even though there are closer stops to Queen Street. I like to have a look at my old haunts and familiar Toronto landmarks as I make my way to my destination.

The first thing I noticed was CONSTRUCTION! The whole of Union Station is under some sort of renovation. You can’t see what is going on because the whole facadeImage is covered in white material of some sort.

Front Street is also under construction. You can also see several cranes in the background of this photo of Front St. More condominiums going up, I suppose?! I don’t know how many more we really need.


The next photo was taken at the corner of York and King streets.


It seems like most of downtown is under construction!

On my way to Queen St W, I decided to stop in at City Hall to see if there was anything going on. It turns out that there was a LOT going on. This is what I saw when I arrived:


A crowd had gathered around the concrete wall surrounding Nathan Phillips Square. On the wall were messages written in chalk expressing opinions about the current mayoral scandal. Here are a few shots of the wall:




There was also this person wearing a Rob Ford mask and holding a sign of Rob Ford’s disembodied head smoking a crack pipe.


(Sorry for the pic showing as landscape instead of portrait. I tried to change it but it seems the “edit” photo function is not working right now).

There were also a LOT of messages written on the ground in the Square. Here are a few shots of those:



Many more were being added during the time I was there. These photos were taken at about 1:30pm today. The number of chalk messages has probably doubled or tripled by now.

The people of Toronto have spoken out. They want the mayor to resign. I would have to agree with them.

It is pretty clear to me that the mayor is an alcoholic. One definition of an alcoholic is a binge drinker who gets so drunk that they have memory lapses and do things they regret. Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack “in one of [his] drunken stupors” and that he couldn’t quite recall the incident because he was in a haze at the time. This fits the definition of a binge drinker who can’t control their drinking.

The mayor needs to either resign or take some time off to get help for his alcoholism. It is clearly affecting EVERYONE negatively….from his immediate family to the citizens of Toronto.

I decided to enter City Hall. As I got near the front doors I noticed a heavy police presence to the right of the doors and two uniformed security guards at the entrance to the door. I entered without being asked any questions.

This photo is of the group of police outside City Hall, taken from inside the building. There were quite a lot of them – more than this photo shows.


I decided to wander around the building a bit. I really had no intention of coming across this:


I was right outside Rob Ford’s office. The hallway was crammed with reporters and expensive large video cameras…some of which had been left unattended.



I hung around for a bit waiting for something to happen. A reporter and a cameraman were taping a segment. I heard the reporter saying that the mayor was in the office, but had entered through the back door to avoid speaking to reporters. They were waiting to see if he would give any statements or interviews.

Nothing was happening and I decided to leave. On the way out I discovered a cool model of Toronto in the main lobby.


The pink buildings are of historical significance.


This model reminded me that Toronto is much, much bigger than this scandal.

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “The People Speak Out

  1. Yeah, Union Station has been under construction for a while (and ever since I was there last, in April). I’m interested to see what they’re doing; the whole area is a mess.

    Oddly, they do need more condo towers. I read the other day everyone’s migrating *back* into the city because they hate the commute time. I’m not really sure these days who can afford million-dollar condos, though (and I think I’m in the wrong profession).

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