Kensington Market #1

I have only visited Kensington Market a couple of times and I have many more Toronto neighbourhoods to discover.  However, I have a feeling that this might end up being my favourite place in Toronto.

I discovered this mural near the corner of Oxford and Augusta:



This awesome car was in front of it.



These were in the window of a store called “Model Citizen.”



Beside “Model Citizen” was a restaurant called “Big Fat Burrito.” It might be the most interesting restaurant exterior I have ever seen.



Next I came across Sonya’s Park on Oxford Street. It is bordered on two sides by a concrete wall that features awesome murals and street art.

One of the murals informed me that Kensington Market has been around since 1885!



My companion and I also stopped for dessert at a little place called Millie Creperie at 161 Baldwin Street. I decided on a parfait with green tea ice cream, whipped cream, cornflakes, and chocolate Pocky sticks. (I can’t remember what it was called, but it’s the only one with Pocky in it).

IT WAS LIKE HEAVEN. I definitely want to go back and try their crepes next time!

The place is run by two extremely friendly and helpful people. We were waiting a few minutes for our parfait when the woman who was working explained that it was taking so long because they were making a fresh batch of whipped cream. She offered us a complimentary coffee while we waited. My companion said it’s the best coffee he’s ever had!  I tried some too, and although I usually don’t care for coffee, I thought it was pretty good !

I will be returning to Kensington Market very soon!

Stay tuned!


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