Underwater Mural

I randomly came across this beautiful underwater-themed mural at the corner of Dufferin and Keywest Avenue.  It is on the back of some sort of service building connected to a series of outdoor pools. I am not sure if the pools are in use in the summertime.








I love the augmented reality of the mural. I also love how this ordinary, boring building has been completely transformed into something so beautiful and interesting.

On a similar note, has anyone been to the new Ripley’s aquarium downtown yet? I heard that it was so crowded and busy that staff are making people go on tours so that they can get through the exhibits more quickly. Dawdling would cause bottlenecks and decrease the number of new people that could enter. I suppose that is the thinking behind it.  I don’t think I will be going there until it slows down and they stop the mandatory tours. I happen to love dawdling in front of exhibits of underwater creatures. I have been to several aquariums in the States and at every one my friends had to drag me away from exhibits because I was taking too long.  Ha ha! It’s like I get “lost” in the slow, wandering pace of the ocean…even though it’s an artificial ocean.  I think if I ever go SCUBA diving I might become a SCUBA addicted freak who would spend all my spare time and money on diving and equipment and get gills tattooed onto my neck or something similarly crazy. Ha!


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