The Deep Freeze

Last night the temperature here in Toronto was minus twenty. With the wind chill it was minus 37 degrees.  That’s right….minus thirty-seven.

I thought I had left all that @#$%$#@ blistering cold behind me when I moved away from Barrie last year.  Apparently not.

Right now it is minus 19 degrees. With the wind chill it feels like minus 33.

I had plans to go out today and take some winter-y photographs for a blog post…but now I am thinking that my only outing will be a quick speedwalk to the grocery store to buy more discounted Christmas chocolate.

However, I managed to take enough photos INSIDE my house this morning to make a post out of! That’s right! Old Man Winter and his insidious little henchman Jack Frost were trying very hard to infiltrate my house last night, and they left some evidence behind. describes infiltration as such: “to move into (an organization, country, territory, or the like) surreptitiously and gradually, especially with hostile intent: The troops infiltrated the enemy lines”.

View the hostile intent here:





Even this soldier couldn’t stop the encroachment.







I have to admit, though, that Jack Frost’s designs can be rather beautiful.


I would also rather have a visit from Jack Frost than from The Ice King, who visited a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t post anything during the time of the storm or immediately afterwards because…well, we had no electricity.  We had to leave home on Christmas Eve morning because it was too frigid in the house to stay any longer. By the time I got back on the 26th of December, I wanted to forget that the whole thing ever happened. I have left it to others to post photos of the brilliant coatings of ice on branches and the dramatic fallen limbs in roadways.

So…do your worst, Jack Frost!

Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “The Deep Freeze

    • Ha! I have seen filmed versions of The Nutcracker and a live production several years ago…but I don’t remember Jack Frost being in it….perhaps I wasn’t paying close enough attention?!

      • No Jack Frost but the reason the Nutcracker/Prince takes the young lady into the land of sweets is because she saves him from being attacked by a rat. It’s a whole war scene and he is totally inept as a soldier. Great dancer though 😛

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