The Most Colourful Building in Toronto?

Here are some photos I took recently of an old garage across the street from the Dupont subway station (at the intersection of Spadina and Dupont).  An old garage, you say? What could possibly be interesting about that?

It no longer becomes just an “old garage” when a mural of a psychedelic tiger covering the entire front facade appears ready to EAT whatever cars may try to enter!


Click on the photos for a larger image!

The building itself is sagging and in bad condition…but instead of letting it become a boring old eyesore, the owner has allowed the artist(s) to transform it into something extremely colourful and interesting ! !





The artwork on the back of the building seems to be expressing the “you are what you eat” sentiment.



Here is a closeup of the psychedelic tiger:


Does anyone know of any other buildings in town with this much mural/graffiti coverage? I would be interested in seeing them!

Stay tuned!



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