The Deep Freeze – The Sequel: EPIC FREEZE!

Hello y’all.  I hope everyone is staying warm.

My furnace is working, but I have not had any water since last night at 8:00pm.


(See how the taps are open but no water is coming out? ;-( )

It seems that Sunday night’s temperature of minus 34 (with wind chill, or minus 24 without) caused the outside water lines to freeze (the inside lines are plastic and won’t actually freeze unless there is no heat in the house).

During the ice storm of December 2013, we had no heat for three days – but we still had water. Hot water. And during “The Deep Freeze” of last January (see I recorded that “last night [January 6th, 2014] the temperature here in Toronto was minus twenty. With the wind chill it was minus 37 degrees.”  Last night’s Epic Freeze was four degrees colder than last year’s Deep Freeze.

Things didn’t get any warmer today.  In fact, “a record-breaking -24.4 C was recorded Monday at Pearson International Airport, beating the previous low for the day of -23.9 C set in 1939.” (1)

The frigid temperatures wreaked havoc around the city, causing burst water mains, including one that caused a flood in a movie theatre on the Queensway. The theatre had to be evacuated. As one moviegoer reported: “broken pipe at #Cineplex #Queensway. Theatre evacuated. This bites. Happened at a critical moment during the #50ShaesofGrey movie. Yup, I’m bummed.” 🙂 (2)

The cold also caused over 200 flights to be cancelled at Pearson International Airport, and a Toronto Island Ferry actually got stuck in the ice on Lake Ontario. Homeless shelters and warming shelters were overflowing. Three thousand people in Etobicoke and Scarborough were without power for the day yesterday, and, like me, many are without water services. I wasn’t able to find any statistics online about how many households were without water, but judging from the response time by the City of Toronto, it must be in the thousands. I reported the problem to 311 yesterday and was told they would come out by tonight at the latest. It is now 9:40pm and there is no sign of them. I called back and was told that there is now “no guaranteed timeline” and it could be “up to 48 hours.”

To make up for the lack of water, I have been doing the following:


My pets may be wondering if I have lost my mind.



The average daytime high for this time of year is -1, according to CP24. This means that, for the last three days, we are running about 20 degrees below normal.

How long will this go on? CP24 states that “the city has been plagued by extreme cold since Friday but residents will get some relief beginning tomorrow as the temperature climbs to a high of – 7 C.  A high of – 7 C is also forecast for Wednesday, however the temperature will drop to a bone-chilling – 21 C on Wednesday night. Highs of -12 C and -10 C are then in the forecast for Thursday and Friday.” (1)

Good news…I suppose?!

I would really just like to have a shower.

Stay tuned!





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