Kensington Market is awesome, but you already knew that….still, here are some cool photos….

You can consider this post a continuation of my previous raves about Kensington Market – how much I like it, how cool it is, how its unique flavour makes it awesome, etc.  You can view my photos below as evidence – Exhibits No. 1 to 19:

Firstly, I would feel very comfortable living in Kensington knowing that this crew had my back….


Click on any photo for a (much) larger image!

….followed closely by this guy….


NOW I know that I’m safe!

If you go into a store called The Blue Banana (on Augusta Avenue) you can purchase these ninja nesting dolls who will help protect your home.


This pillowcase will remind potential intruders that ninja…toast is on your side.


You can also purchase any of these Mexican wrestling masks (at another fabulous Kensington store I’ve forgotten the name of) just to let potential robbers know you mean business. I mean, would you rob someone’s house if the second that you opened the door they ran at you wearing one of these bad boys while babbling in (pretend) Spanish? No, I think not.


I especially like the one on the far right.

Now that personal safety is covered, you can buy a rubber chicken (for whatever reason you feel is necessary) in this music shop (which actually has no name).


Do you see the chicken? Ok, here he is.


He is hard to spot, I must admit….


If you go into the Kensington Mall (yes, Kensington has a mall…albeit a tiny one – I think there is only three stores in it) you can pick up any of these….fabulous? old, malformed pieces of cutlery….again, for whatever reason you feel is necessary…


In addition to malformed cutlery, you can get any number of rare and/or vintage books, records, movies, and other assorted items at the same (very interesting) shop:



I just bought a movie there today for five dollars called “Attack from Space” which is a Japanese movie from the 1960s about aliens (who seem to be people wearing gigantic starfish costumes) attempting to take over Earth. I can’t wait to watch it. I am not even kidding. Old sci-fi movies with hilarious special effects are among my favourite type of movies to watch.


There is also a lot of really cool graffiti in the Kensington neighbourhood. Here are some examples that I saw for the first time today.


Click on any photo for a (much) larger image! (Then press the “back” button, NOT the X at the top right or you will close the whole website! Oh dear!)







I found this important public service announcement in the graffiti:


Looks like I missed it! Ha ha!

For more information on Kensington Market, including a map and store list, visit:

I hope everyone is having a great spring and enjoying the awesome weather !!! No matter where you live, try to get out and explore!

Stay tuned!


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