Black Market Shopping

Have you ever done any Black Market shopping?


…I’m not talking about the illegal, underground black market…although that might be fun too 🙂  I am talking about the store called Black Market on Queen St W…although it is underground.


As their posters (more like cheap 8.5 X 11 computer printed signs) say, everything in the store is $10 or less.


Any store that has a rack of (local arts and culture) NOW magazines by the entrance can’t be so bad!

So what can you find in the Black Market? Well…here’s a sample.

Regret giving that ugly 80s Christmas sweater to Goodwill? You can find it again…at the Black Market.


How about a copy of The Blue Lagoon on Video Disc (does anyone even have a player that will play those anymore)? Three of them can be yours – for a measly $10.


And are you telling me that one of these lovely items wouldn’t make a great last-minute Christmas gift???


Apparently, shiny bowties make good stocking stuffers.


How about a nice new clown wig? It’s only $10 !


..or a hat, or an upside-down leg…



More horrible 80s Christmas sweaters await.


How about some army gear (hey, my friend and I found complete Fidel Castro and Che Guevara outfits here a couple of Hallowe’ens ago!)


How about some naughty playing cards? Wooo hooooo!! These happen to be only $1.99 per pack.


Black Market also has a great selection of humorous and outrageous T-shirts.


This one is kind of redundant now (hence the sale price of $1.99), but if I would have known about it way back when, I would have been all over it like…well, like a dirty shirt.


I personally wouldn’t mind having this shirt….


…but I think I would skip this awful 80s peach knitted number.


This dress though! Perhaps I still have time to pick that up for my friend’s Christmas party on Saturday night….

…I would be the talk of the town (but maybe not the kind of talk I want).


There is also a barber shop inside of the store for some reason.


Ready to pay? Here’s one of the tills…


Yep, you can’t return any of your new found treasures. But that’s OK, cause why would you ever want to…???


Here is the main cash, with a lot of sarcastic and hilarious buttons (and also what looks like the disembodied head of David Bowie):



So are you SOLD on the Black Market?

I know it sounds like I’m just making fun of the place, but I actually love going there! Treasures abound! (You just have to have the right kind of eyes to see them with).

Black Market is located at 256 Queen St West.

For more information, visit

Stay tuned! And in case I don’t write another post before Christmas, I hope you all have a great Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate)!










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