High Park Cherry Blossoms 2016!

So you might have heard that there were no cherry blossoms at High Park this year due to weather conditions (i.e. an unseasonably cold March and April, with just a few warm spells). There was supposed to be a few blooms on a couple of trees, but that’s it. No large crowds this year to admire the trees, and no photos of yourself beside an unbelievably beautiful sakura loaded with huge pink blooms 😦

I decided to go there anyway – not only for my annual cherry blossom pilgrimage (perhaps I would see one or two blooms to photograph), but to see spring in High Park.

Buds had changed into tiny leaves….





…and some early flowers had appeared.






The old magnolia tree was in full bloom, however, and it always puts on a stunning display.






I also saw this fellow begging some park visitors for food… 🙂 but as everyone in Toronto knows, you (unfortunately) don’t have to visit a park to see a raccoon. You can see them in your garbage can every Friday.




I had already passed the main cherry tree area, and there was not one bloom in sight. I knew of another small area with a few cherry trees, so I headed there…hoping….




I was glad to see that there was a few on some of the smaller trees.




This was the extent of the blossoms…. 😦




It was getting late in the day, and I had just headed up a hill on my way out of the park when I felt compelled to turn around for some reason. Suddenly, I saw an enormous cherry tree just covered in huge, beautiful blooms.






This tree, along Centre Road,  is not on a trail or in an easily accessible area. It’s on the side of the road among thick woods.





I have no idea why it bloomed so abundantly when the none of the other cherry trees in the park seemed to be able to manage any at all.










Does anyone have any theories as to how or why this could happen…? …or any life-affirming metaphors that describe this situation? (haha)

Stay tuned!




























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