I’ve been published ! ! !


I recently accompanied my friend, the fabulous gothic/glam/industrial/post-apocalyptic fashion designer Miss.E, to a photo shoot in Toronto for a new online magazine called InSpades.




A few days later, the creative director asked me if I would be willing to write Miss.E’s article for the magazine, which is a platform for up-and-coming artists/photographers/designers.




Jaclyn Truss (the editor) explains the magazine’s raison d’etre in the first issue: “Many digital options [i.e. Facebook/Instagram] will generally garner a “like” or a “comment”, but in a saturated market, it is difficult for an artist to rise above the noise and gain a truly engaged following. A digital magazine, however, offers tangible exposure, artistic credibility, and a platform to deeply venture into an artist’s world.”

Of course I said yes – I was very happy to help present my friend’s artistry to a wider audience!  The article can be found on page 50 of the October 2016  “Daydreams and Fairytales” issue (Numero Uno). Click here to read !

InSpades (www.inspadesmag.com) can be also be found on Instagram @InSpadesMag . Miss.E can be found at @madame_absinthe and I can be found at @hotaruchan20 ! (That’s right, I FINALLY joined Instagram!)

Stay tuned!


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