Vancouver! Part Three: Fan Expo!

In case you aren’t familiar with Fan Expo, it’s a convention for geeks. “Geek” in this case refers to a person who likes one or all of the following: comic books, science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and anime (Japanese animation). I am a little bit of a geek myself, so I enjoy going to Fan Expo (there is a similar one in Toronto that I have been to a few times).

Things to do at Fan Expo include shopping, meeting celebrities, going to panel discussions, meeting artists and seeing their work, and visiting special exhibits.

My personal favourite thing to do at an event such as this is visiting the “Artist Alley.” Most of the artwork revolves around the subjects of fantasy, sci-fi, anime, and comic book art, but the range of styles and the diversity of the artists is incredible. You also get to talk to the artists themselves when at their booths. It is really nice to have that personal interaction with the person who actually created the thing that you are buying.

Another awesome thing about Fan Expo is, of course, THE COSTUMES. Fans go to great lengths to create the perfect costumes of their favourite characters.

Here is an iconic Princess Leia (love the purse!)


Duff Man from The Simpsons…


Lord Voldemort of the Harry Potter movies:


And here is Professor Snape (also of the Harry Potter films). This guy was completely in character and thus slightly terrifying. I ran up to him, being the over-excitable geek that I am, and yelled “CAN I TAKE YOUR PICTURE?” He leaned right into me with a furious expression on his face (I assume because I dared to use such poor grammar (or maybe he doesn’t like over-excitable, geeky women yelling and running towards him)), and said, “Well, I don’t know…CAN YOU?”


Here is a Ferengi merchant (Star Trek: The Next Generation) dressed in fabulous attire. Oh, check out the Valentine’s Day card in the lower left corner of the photo with Data on the front of it. It reads “It’s Valentine’s Day. By chance, did I mention…” I bet one of you Star Trek geeks out there (myself included) can guess the punchline to that one!


Here is Princess Peach from the original Super Mario Brothers Nintendo game and two friends (I am not sure who the other two are).


Here is Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I LOVE the way this costume has been constructed: it is more like a gigantic puppet. The actual person controlling Jack is behind him, dressed in black.


Wolverine from X-Men. Pretty good likeness !


Storm Troopers (Star Wars) were everywhere. I started to think they were actually Fan Expo security guards who got to wear really cool costumes this year.


One of my favourite shows of all time is Sailormoon (the Japanese one, not the lame English dubbed and heavily edited one). So I was pretty happy when I saw quite a few excellent Sailors this year.

Here is Sailor Saturn (my favourite!) and Sailor Pluto…


…and here’s Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.


Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars are in this group.


Here are the Ghostbusters of B.C., a community group…


…with a terrifying full-sized portrait of Vigo, the villain of Ghostbusters II.


Here are Iron Man, Spiderman, and Captain America.


This Joker (Batman: The Dark Knight) had his makeup spot-on.


I am not sure which anime this costume is from, but it was beautiful and very well done.


My favourite photo of the day…here is my brother meeting none other than R2-D2 ! !


Stay tuned for my next entry, when I visit an awesome contemporary art exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery!



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