Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival 2017: Part One!

Five Toronto Fringe (theatre festival) shows in one day?! I am so tired. But it’s a good tired. They were all comedies too. Not one dud in the bunch. Them’s impossible odds, people.  Here’s a list of what I saw today.
Round One!
Graham Clark's Not Here
Graham Clark’s Not Here (Laugh Gallery) – one-man comedy show.  He was wearing a bucket over his head and the whole thing was on a screen showing his face, which was placed over his face. It worked, oddly. The screen also showed clips from Mad Max: Fury Road and Predator “when things got dull.” Oh, and the dialogue of the show – the part on the face-screen – is available for download, so anyone can put a bucket on their head and do this show in the future. For free.
Round Two! (vaginas)
The Moaning Yoni
The Moaning Yoni (Joylyn Secunda Productions) – one-woman comedy show, very funny. This woman (Joylyn Secunda) has serious physical comedy and singing talent. She acted the parts of herself, her New Age-y teacher, and her own vagina. A show about societal expectations concerning sex. And vaginas.
Round Three! (I got to drink alcohol during this show)
Vasily Djokavich: Russia's #1 State Approved Comedian
Vasily Djokavich: Russia’s #1 State Approved Comedian (Morgan Cranny and Mike Delamont) A one-man show, very funny, deadpan as hell, about Russia and Russian society. A bunch of jokes could not be said lest the performer be “shot in face” by the KGB or whatever the KGB has morphed into these days. Oh, and I got to drink Russian vodka onstage with the actor. Wooooo!
Round Four! (more vaginas)
Shirley Gnome: Taking It Up The Notch
Shirley Gnome: Taking It Up the Notch (Heartichoke Arts) – Ok, so this one-woman show is probably the raunchiest show I have ever seen. Also one of the funniest. Shirley is actually a great singer and guitar player, and the songs (about love, sex, and, well, physical anatomy) were absolutely hilarious. Not for those that are easily offended…she actually sang a charming little song about this, saying that it was OK for people to leave if they wanted. No one did.
 Round Five! (outer space)
Earth Tourist
Earth Tourist ( Chandelier Factory Productions) – This show actually had two actors in it! Whoa! It was about an alien named Sparklemuffin the Space Unicorn and her companion, a radio time-lord, trying to get back into the Astral Plane. A look at our society through the eyes of aliens. Why climb that corporate ladder? Why put a photo of yourself doing yoga on Instagram? Why pay attention to linear time at all? WHY?
It’s interesting to note that ALL of the shows I saw today (with the exception of Earth Tourist, which is from Newfoundland,) were from theatre companies in Vancouver! There must be a ton of talented, funny people there, who happen to like to make shows about vaginas, putting screens over their faces, and the KGB.
Stay tuned!
Photo credits: All photos are from the Toronto Fringe website.

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